9 thoughts on “ASRock Z87M Pro4 Onboard NIC Not Supported by ESXi”

    1. Not really, just need to either wait for a supported driver or use a PCI-ex network card. I’m going out today to try and grab a network card to use in the meantime.

  1. Hi, did you manage to install and boot ESXi with other network card? Im going to buy z87 board+haswell proc., but cant find any info if it is working with ESXi.

  2. A week or so ago, I asked Supermicro about VT-d support on a Z87 based Motherboard (C7Z87-OCE), and they said that the integrated NIC doesn’t work with VT-d because the Chipset doesn’t support it, as the NIC is connected to a Chipset PCIe lane. This seems to be your issue. They said there was a workaround provided by Intel for that, may want to read here:


    Basically, what I understanded so far is that you can have multiple DMA Remapping Engines (In other words, several devices providing their own support for VT-d/IOMMU virtualization), so you can have BOTH Processor and Chipset providing support for it (But would need a Q87 or C226 for that). However, that is just my current understanding. After googling earth and beyond, I still don’t find an in-depth explanation about all this.
    While so far it seems guaranteed that you will at least have VT-d support at the PCIe slots that are connected to the Processor PCIe lanes, I don’t get why if you’re not using a VT-d capable Chipset, you can still do USB passthrough, which doesn’t make too much sense considering the NIC was unable due to Chipset not supporting it.

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