Introducing NoGi’s Yellow Nano Fun Park

This is going to be my first serious attempt at a shrimp breeding tank. I am calling this my Yellow Nano Fun Park:

  • Yellow – colour of the shrimp I will keep
  • Nano – nano cube
  • Fun – hopefully they will have so much fun that they will breed
  • Park – lots of low growing carpet and moss

Project Goals:

  • Apply knowledge gained from the experts over at the AquariumLife forums
  • Build a fun place for the shrimp I intend to keep
  • Keep it simple and visually pleasing
  • Support AquariumLife sponsors where possible for any required new equipment

Current Equipment List:

  • Aqua One 30cm Glass Cube
  • Slate pieces
  • Benibachi Black Soil Fulvic – Normal – 5Kg
  • Benibachi Black Soil Fulvic – Super Powder – 3Kg
  • Hagen Elite 25w Mini Heater (hoping that with the Brissie weather 25w will be enough)
  • Aquaclear Mini ( 20 ) Hang on Filter

DIY Components:

  • Nano Tank LED
  • LED stand
  • Breeding caves

Flora being considered:

  • HC
  • Various moss (Fissdens, Rose, Bush, etc…)

Fauna being considered:

  • Neocaridina Yellow Shrimp
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