DIY LED Lighting for a Freshwater Planted Aquarium

I’ve been on the hunt for some good lighting for my tank and some of the prices for a good LED system simply blew me away. For what I want it’s costing somewhere between $2k – $3.5k.

Instead, I’ve opted to investigate the DIY option from RapidLED:

  • Cree XM-L (Neutral) x 18
  • Cree XM-L (Cool White) x 18
  • Cree XP-E (Blue) x 6
  • Cree XP-E (Royal Blue) x 6
  • Osram Golden Dragon (660 Red) x 8 (or I might change to Phillips Cyan)

The plan is to install to 2 heatsinks in the following configuration:

LED Colour CombinationThat’s about where I am at right now. Still investigating prices.

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