HP NC360T dual gig nic arrives

Yesterday was a good day for deliveries. Along with the XL3000’s I also got a HP NC360T network card that I ordered of eBay. This will be going into the N40L microserver in the PCIe x1 slot as the x16 slot is earmarked for a P410-512 Storage Array card.

As you can see, the card is too big for the x1 slot, nothing a Dremel can’t fix 8-). Hopefully I don’t kill the card in the process. Others have opted to dremel the microserver motherboard instead. Personally, I would rather risk a cheap nic than a motherboard.

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3 thoughts on “HP NC360T dual gig nic arrives”

  1. Hi,
    I have done the hardware mod with the NC360T but only removed 13 pins and not all as you show in the picture. Everything works fine.

    I have the problem that nearly every third reboot the P410 is not recognized.
    Do you have the same problem. Which bios mod do you use?



    1. Nice. I tried removing all pins but killed the card. Did you happen to take any photo’s? I’d be keen to give it another shot. As for the BIOS, I’m using stock BIOS on the N40L which has my p410-512 and haven’t had any issues with it.

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