HP N54L Microserver with 16GB ECC RAM for ESXi

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Want to run a HP N54L Microserver with 16GB ECC RAM for ESXi? It’s easier than you think.

I finally got around to migrating my N40L ESXi setup to the newer N54L. Process was relatively simple, take the guts out of one box and add to the other. The only component that didn’t move across was the RAM. This is because I wanted to give the Kingston 16GB kit a go.

Kingston 16GB ECC kit
Kingston 16GB ECC Kit


RAM Installed
16GB Kit installed in the N54L


These memory modules are great. They were detected each and every reboot. The full 16GB was available to ESXi as well 😎

16GB RAM detected straight away
16GB RAM detected straight away


ESXi detected the RAM without issue
ESXi detected the RAM without issue


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12 thoughts on “HP N54L Microserver with 16GB ECC RAM for ESXi”

  1. did you give any non-ECC 8Gb sticks a go before taking the plunge on more expensive ECC (which seems to run at about twice the price) ?
    i.e. patriot, g.skill

  2. I have just got me N54L working with Kingston HyperX 120GB SSD and Kingston non-ecc low profile 16GB Kit. The kit number is KVR16N11K2/16, oh yes, they are DDR3 1600 RAMs (not the old 1333).

  3. hi! want to move from n40l to n54l as welll…running drivepool….what’s the recommended way of doing it? also, upgrading from WHS2011 to 2012 Essentials…any advice would be great! thanks

  4. is that n54l running a stock HP BIOS to handle the 16gb ram? I’d read a spec stating the n54l could only take Max 8gb.

    1. It’s now on the modified BIOS but was running stock with 16GB before. The specs do say 8GB max but some 16GB RAM kits do work. The Kingston ones that I used work on every boot for me and many others. Needs to be the right kit though.

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