14 thoughts on “NC360T Hack Failed Attempt”

  1. Hi,

    Do you confirm that the NC360T Hack work on HP MicroServer? Do the ports work fine, how about Ling Aggregation and Jumbo Frames?


    1. The hack didn’t work for me as I cut too much off. Another user who sent in those recent pics cut less and has it working. I would assume LAGG would work fine?

      1. Theoretically it should work… I am gonna buy one in ebay and dremel it… Crossfingers! I’ll let you know the results…

  2. I can also confirm that the hack works!
    Great TIP ! It works like a charm!

    I dont have a dremel but I filed the part off using a fine iron file.
    ESXi 5.1 works great with it now.

    I had top put the card into a ASUS P5Q mainboard which works now.


  3. Are you using the modded bios on your N40L? I am facing some problems having the NC360T and the onbard nic enabled at the same time…

      1. Well, this is also what I was planning on doing. However if the onboard nic is enabled, then the only devices I can select in “Boot Device Priority” to boot from are the 3 network interfaces (2 from NC360T plus the onboard nic), and there is no “Hard Disk Drives” under “Boot Device Priority”. When I disable the onbard nic and reboot then I do get the “Hard Disk Drives” submenu, and in “Boot Device Priority” I get a selection of the hard disks and the NC360T… but this leaves only with the dual nic ports… makes no sense…

  4. Interesting. I won’t be doing that, much easier to cut a slit in a 1x port on the motherboard to allow for longer cards. Quite a standard procedure really, and it doesn’t damage anything.

  5. I tried this myself and even though I think I cut the card right, my system won’t boot. This is an Asrock H77 Pro4-MVP. In an old i7 system in a PCI-E x8 or x16 slot it will boot but won’t show up in the hardware. The uncut card did work fine is in this ‘old’ system with x8/x16 slot. Any thoughts?

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